When the Sun Rises Again


Sonja Ridgemont thought she married the man of her dreams but eight months later and with her divorce almost final, she can hardly wait to spend Christmas with her family and forget her past mistakes. Then, just when she thinks her luck is turning, Levi shows up on her doorstep with an ultimatum . . . he won’t sign the divorce papers until she pays back the money she owes him. 

Levi Ridgemont, a convert to his church, can’t get his wife, Sonja, out of his mind. Ever since she moved out of their apartment, nothing has been the same. Living without her is the hardest thing he’s ever done. Things are about to get harder, though, when his parents unexpectedly announce they’re joining his church and ask them to come to Arizona for their big day. Too bad Levi hasn’t told them about their pending divorce . . .

As Levi notices the effort Sonja is making for his family, he becomes aware of the changes he needs to make for her. With Christmas drawing closer, he hopes they can find the love they once shared, especially now that they’ve received surprising news. In the dark hours before dawn, will their marriage last long enough for the sun to rise again?