Pacific Coast Wedding

His new business partner. Her ex. When they realize each other’s connection to the groom, 
will their own fledgling love survive?

Attending her ex-husband’s wedding is the last thing Lacey Wells wants to do, even if it’s happening along the gorgeous Pacific Coast where she once dreamed her own beach wedding would take place. Now that dream is coming true for someone else, and to add insult to injury, she needs to get their daughters to the wedding on time. If only her car would cooperate . . .

Noah Grady doesn’t expect to come to the rescue of a beautiful woman and her two daughters on the way to his friend and new business partner’s wedding, but meeting Lacey makes the long drive and an unpleasant visit with his half-brother worth it. Hitting it off with her makes Noah feel like he might finally be ready to begin a new chapter in his life.

But things start to unravel when Noah discovers Lacey is his business partner’s ex-wife, making her off-limits unless he wants his career to disintegrate. Can he throw it all away for a chance at true love?

This novella was such a sweet contemporary romance. I loved the interaction between the characters, how much both the hero and heroine valued home and family, and how their interest in each other bloomed over several realistic, everyday situations. Plus, the setting was gorgeous–the beach wedding and coastal scenery Walker created with her writing swept me away. I love a clean romance, and this qualifies.
Jennifer Griffith, author of Wills & Trust, Legally in Love Collection